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About my Life (so far)

Hello Everyone,

I am Alex Bregenzer and I love to ride my Bike.

why I love to ride my bike? Well there are a lot of reasons. It probably started very early, I was never interested in playing football or any other sports. I spent my whole youth grabbing the shovel out of the garden, hut and building jumps for my Bike, literally everywhere. Something I didn't understand back then is that you just can't build jumps everywhere only because it would be the perfect location.

When I was 7 years old I got my first Mountainbike. The jumps got bigger and I also discovered the first trails. Trails are more fun the faster you are riding. I developed the urge to race against others really quick and it was clear I want to be on the starting line of a bike race. I ended second in my first Race and was immediately infected with the cycling-virus. I joined the RV Viktoria Wombach Cycling Club (the only cycling club that allowed me to join at the age of 8) which was the best thing that could have happened to me.

From then on I was introduced to Bike Racing, learned how to ride my Bike properly and what it means to be a Cyclist. As I was diagnosed with ADHD in the highest grade my time at the age of 9 years, my Time at the school was real pain. Just Imagine you sit in class and cannot focus on anything and your thoughts hop from one to another but you can't focus onto anything, especially not the boring stuff the teachers try to explain to you. In that Time I learned to love cycling, because it was my valve to a calm mind. When you blast down a Trail my mind gets really calm because I am living in the moment. The only thing I focused on is the the trail ahead.

The Focus for training and cycling I learned back then definitely helped me to get my time in school done solid. The RV Viktoria Wombach also picked up a Sponsorship and I turned Into a part of the Haibike KMC Racing Team. With the support our sponsors back then we got more and more professional, could compete in Bundesliga and even International Races and have high end Bikes.

At the age of 16 I graduated school and started a 3,5 year apprenticeship as a full-time Mechatronic Technician . In this time I actually struggled really hard to balance my cycling life and improve as I moved up into junior and U23 category.

To make my life a little bit more exciting I also had mononucleosis for about 1,5 years during that time. But even in that time I didn't lose hope and definitely not the love for cycling. In 2020 I joined the Eighty Aid Racing Team. I soon got part of the Cannondale Ambassador Team. A knee injury which ruined my 2021 season is now healed up and I am Excited about chasing my dreams in full swing.



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